Robert Bossinger

R&D Engineer

Robert received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Engineering degrees from Old Dominion University. Both of his degrees were focused on aerospace engineering with courses in atmospheric and space flight dynamics and control using classical, modern, and optimal control theory.

One accomplishment Robert is most proud of was his participation in the senior CubeSat design project for his B.S. at ODU as an Attitude Determination and Control System Engineer. The CubeSat was eventually launched from Wallops Flight Facility and later deployed from the ISS (with his name engraved on it).

As a Research and Development Engineer with AAG, Robert has contributed to a wide array of tasks during his employment including:

  • Being the primary developer for the Unified Generic eVTOL Aircraft (UGeVA) simulation model which was developed for the FAA to test novel aircraft certification criteria for unconventional flight controls in the Cockpit Motion Facility at NASA Langley Research Center. UGeVA has also been used for handling qualities and control power analyses.
  • Supporting the development of a Detect and Avoid simulation verification tool for UAS.
  • Developing VR/XR applications for pilot simulation and wind tunnel testing user interface.
  • Developmental and analytical support for the NESC Lunar Check Case and Commercial Crew Program.

When Robert’s mind isn’t focused on space it is preoccupied with gardening, hiking, and futilely learning guitar. He also tries to attend AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI each year.