George Hunt

Senior R&D Engineer

George received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. He also attended Graduate EE and ME classes at George Washington University’s Joint Institute for the Advancement of Flight Sciences as well as Graduate EE courses at Old Dominion University. He has taken numerous short courses in control theory, flight control systems, vehicle dynamics, and software development and IV&V.

George performed the first implementation of Simulink® autocode into the real-time simulations at NASA Langley Research Center and developed Perl scripts to automate generation of the C++-coded interface between autocode and the simulation program.

George’s work experience concentrates on:

  • Developing manned real-time flight simulations of transport, fighter, helicopter, and eVTOL aircraft for the NASA Langley Research Center.
  • Implementing flight control laws and autopilots for various aircraft models.
  • Helping to maintain and enhance the DATAFIX tool that converted files containing tabular data to FORTRAN and C++ code for table lookups and interpolation.