Bruce Jackson

Senior R&D Engineer

Bruce is an experienced flight control, flying qualities, modeling and simulation engineer and pilot with interest in spacecraft, aircraft, and remotely piloted vehicles. His 26 year career at NASA included design team lead for flight controls and flying qualities of lifting-body reentry vehicles, blended-wing-and-body transport aircraft, rendezvous and docking spacecraft, and a lunar landing vehicle. He has performed flying qualities testing for traditional and supersonic aircraft (including conceptual and real aircraft such as the Tu-144).

Bruce is also very familiar with digital flight simulation, and helped develop an exchange format for flight simulation models (DAVE-ML) and led a NASA-wide team to generate verification data for multiple NASA high-fidelity aerospace simulations for the NASA Engineering and Safety Center.

Prior to joining NASA Langley Research Center, Bruce was lead simulation software engineer and helped develop the U.S. Navy’s Manned Flight Simulator facility at Patuxent River NAS, Maryland.

Bruce is proficient in several programming languages and a fan of extreme programming (XP).

He is the recipient of the NASA Exception Service medal and an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, having served on multiple technical committees.