Biodynamic Coupling

Many supersonic transports designs intended to achieve a significant sonic boom signature reduction demonstrate significant structural flexibility.  With resonant structural mode of frequencies close to those normally experienced in flight, these resulting accelerations can couple involuntarily with pilot commands.  This phenomena is referred to as Biodynamic Coupling.

AAG developed a 6DoF, Supersonic Transport Simulation for use in a piloted handling qualities study at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). Test pilots from various sectors of industry flew in NASA’s 6DoF Cockpit Motion Facility simulator, giving insight on the impact of dynamic aeroservoelastic (structural) accelerations on pilot control strategy and overall stability and controllability of the general configuration.

With our expertise in flight dynamics and controls, and collaboration with structures experts at NASA LaRC, AAG is using the SPARC6 (Scalable Prototyping Aircraft for Rapidly Configured 6DoF models) simulation to help envision commercially viable supersonic transports of the future.